Einbruch Aufbruch Ausbruch


All over!

We would like to thank all artists and guests for the great festival. 

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Mediafestival #12        19. - 21. June 2015



Call for entries

Dear art interested humans, free thinkers and free spirits,

we, the plattform:[no budget] are delighted to invite you to the 12th edition of the Media Festival in Tübingen, Germany. As always, we desire to explore unknown realms of imagination and creativity, and previously uncharted synaptic territories. It is our intention to combine creative ways of “out of the box” thinking in the form of short films, visual arts, music and workshops in our three day event.

Who is this plattform:[no budget] anyway?

We are a motley crew of artists, non artists, current and eternal students of liberal and non-liberal arts, and other people who share the common desire to create an annual forum for film, media arts, politics and party. The Media Festival will take place at the self-governed house “Leibnizhaus II“ in Tübingen. As the name suggests, we merge the single parts of our festival in an independent, noncommercial, unconventional way

What do they fancy?

Let the motto be

Break In   Break Out   Break Free

Einbruch   Ausbruch    Aufbruch

We want to focus on breaks as necessary preconditions for an ongoing process of changes, be it in societies as a whole, in social and political entities or in individuals.

Break in, break out, break free, whether to Eyjafjallajökull or to Melilla, into self-doubt or dialogue, to Taksim Square, into satire or to thy own identity.

And what is this all about?

We call for every filmmaker, activist, art creator and aesthetician to submit his or her individual work of art. Your contribution be it a short movie, a documentary, an audio play, an installation, or a workshop can be submitted via online form.

Selected contributions will be presented at the Media Festival 2015. Apart from this utilization, all images and property rights remain with the artist. By handing in a contribution, the participant confirms that the image rights stay only with him and no third party has any legal claim to the contributed material.

Deadline for submissions is 10th of Mai.

We will inform you if your contribution was selected until 24th of Mai.

We look very forward to your creative inputs,

your plattform:[no budget]

Medienfestival plattform:[no budget] e.V.

Leibnizhaus 2

Stauffenbergstr. 30

D-72074 Tübingen

phone +49 163 2464 299