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We believe, no, we know, that a different life is possible!

That is why we keep experimenting. We do not agitate in empty space, and we are not alone on the Earth. We too have to pay rent, go to work or university, managing to get by one way or another. Sometimes we have to go somewhere and look good or just act cool. We must have official papers, and sometimes we have to identify ourselves. We have to use oil and gas coming from operational zones or conflict areas, and mantain an account in a bank to pay electricity and telephone bills to companies we totally disagree with. Sometimes we have to fight, so none of us will be taken back to the place he or she once fled from. And we especially have to know each other's limits and needs, and learn to live respecting them.


All these things concern us in different ways, as we indeed compose many different dimensions. That is why we constantly negotiate the ways we wish to live, and how to put things in practice according to the given circumstances. So we have to talk about tidiness and taking turns for cleaning, or energy consumption and environmental protection. Some of us are skilled and from time to time just bring facts into being, which can be mercilessly overthrown as well. Therefore our house is constantly in motion, though without anyone having the position to be bossy. We call this self-organizing. This suits us well, we like it, and there is no way this will be changed.

We are people with very various conceptions of life, coming from different regions of the Earth, cumulated being in different states of our life's. We live in a big old house with a spacious, wild garden, about 30 rooms, various common rooms, an awesome balcony, presently two bathrooms and two kitchens. There are always visitors here and sometimes we celebrate lavish parties. Once a month most of the residents gather to discuss what concerns all of us. What needs to be done in between those meetings, is split to the concern of several "ministries". These are people capable and willing to do certain jobs, or even enjoy dealing with these matters. Our ministries do not work behind closed doors, instead they freely ask other mates to reassure decisions. Furthermore the formations and competences of the ministries are in constant motion.

Our house is combined with the other Leibnizhaus to form a club, sometimes this is required, so we are an incorporated body to sign contracts. It also makes both houses stronger to pull together. Matters that concern only the single houses however are agreed upon independently. We also keep contact to other self-organized and partly self-organized (housing) projects. We combine our activities and when one of the projects is in trouble, the others always help out. Other then that we do not just live alone, but have a public occurrence. Over the last years a media-spectacle called "plattform:[no budget]" took place here in early summer. All residents work together to make this possible, though the main organization is done by an independent group. The diversity of this group also shows that we are not a closed microcosmos. Many have once lived here and hold close contact, some just accommodate from time to time or participate in single activities, and others that have never stayed here, but are part of us as well.

We are numberous!