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Call For Entries

DEADLINE extended one week until 07. April 2012

plattform:[no budget] #10 - independent media festival - May 26th to May 27th 2012

Dear … who, actually?

The media festival plattform:[no budget]is back. Independent, untamed and pour l’art the Leibnizhaus II in Tübingen is once again set to become the scene of aesthetic audacities _on display_. During the last nine years of activity quite a lot has crawled out of the woodwork here. Film, media art, music – everything is possible in our little juxtaposition of art-eee-facts. Craft, forge, imitate, showcase or enhance whatever and however you like.

What, actually?

This year, your film, your sequence and your scenes – performed, looped or installed, will be presented under the title Inclusive:Exclusive:Subversive. For he who excludes includes, but she who includes excludes, and anyway: those who suspect exclusivity in subversion has therefore found the right setting – including themselves. It will be a weekend for all those who consider art too big a thing as to be consumed, for those who are prepared to join us in cutting up the two planks that are supposed to mean the world and revel in the sight of it. Hence forth our dedication is solely and fully directed towards your contributions – missing out merely that which you fail to submit.

Where, actually?

The big old house with its even larger, wild garden, some 30 rooms, several communal rooms and a welcoming and spacious terrace is just short of being an exhibit in its own right. Following the principle of self-governance, 27 people and two cats inhabit this house, many of which are also involved in the organisation of the festival. Guests are around at all times and occasionally, lavish and excessive parties are celebrated here. One of the more memorable ones taking place during this year’s plattform: [no budget] will no doubt go down into the history of the building, which spans more than a hundred years.

And what else?

Nothing is bought! Nothing is sold either! We continue to be non-purchasable just as well as non-sellable. This is the premise we’ll have in mind when assessing what comes into our sight. By March 31st you can send in everything that fits a screen. Everything arriving with a brief explanation regarding its relation to the concept of Inclusive:Exclusive:Subversive will certainly be evaluated. All remaining questions, ideas and suggestions can be easily negotiated with us personally. Looking forward to whatever will come,

Yours, the team of platform:[no budget]

Submission form.

* Feel free to submit suitable short movies, documentaries, workshops, audio dramas, theatre, photos, paintings, installations and anything else we have not thought of. The topic can be evolved in every way possible, artistically, aesthetically or politically. Basically, everything can be worked with, however, the formats that we prefer are short films on DVDs without menus.