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About plattform:[no budget]

plattform:[no budget] is an independent association consisting of many different creative, curious and/or artistic people from many different backgrounds, who want to provide an arena for mutual inspiration and exchange of ideas. Our aim is to create an engaging, critical and exciting media art festival as a platform for imaginative art productions, especially for those who have a low budget or no budget at all to realize their projects. We also hope, as during past festivals, to mirror and drive current socially critical and political discourses with the help of our program and audience.

All of us work on a solely voluntary basis, but gain much through the process of developing open gathering grounds ("platforms") for artists and art-lovers alike. We learn from one another, mutually teaching us how to organise different aspects of filmfestivals, concerts, exhibitions and alike. This process, as well as the exchange with our guests and the inspiration born from the media we present compensates for the many hours and days put into every event.

The media festival was established in 2003 in the Leibnizhaus II, an old villa overlooking the historic city of Tübingen. Since 2007, plattform:[no budget] has found a second home on the grounds of the old slaughtery (Shedhalle/Alter Schlachthof) of Tübingen. The non-profit association plattform no budget e.V. was set up to help with the many bureaucratic and financial difficulties that come with the kind of work we do. Further information on the structure and focus of plattform:[no budget], as well as on the festival, can be found at www.plattform-nobudget.de.

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