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The 2013 Mediafestival is over, we had a great weekend full of films, documentaries, music, performances, installations, lectures and more! Many thanks to all who contributed to the festival, hopefully we wil see you all on some of the other plattform events, linked under www.plattform-nobudget.de .



Call for contributions Mediafestival 2013:

Cause < and > Effect

Dear all, 
[Origin, motive, genesis, condition] is our common pursuit of freedom and autonomy. This aspiration evokes creative energies in every one of us and simultaneously connects us all. We want to create, shape, construct, design and make things happen. The objective of plattform:[nobudget] is to become a pool of unbounded creative energy. From 31st of May till 2nd of June 2013 the Leibnizhaus II in Tübingen will serve as the venue where we will express our freedom and independence in long blocks of shortfilm and other media art. We call on you - and ourselves - to tap sources, fabricate something new, fill the black box with what we create and thus realize an Effect [Conclusion, reaction, response, outcome] at our festival.

Without input, no output; Without your short film, music, installation, loop, performance, moving images, reading, workshop, play: no festival.

So be a part, become a part, take part!

Your plattform:[no budget]

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